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About Us

We would like to welcome you to explore the wonderful adventures of Sunshine House Preschool.  We have been providing quality preschool services to the Edgewater community since 1987.  SHP is your passport to open up a unique learning experience for you and your child.   


Our goal is to meet your child’s physical, emotional, social and academic needs by providing a well-rounded preschool program.  All children will be provided with a creative and warm environment, which will include learning activities, learning centers, crafts, story reading, music, outdoor play and quiet time. 


Sunshine House Preschool provides comprehensive early learning experiences for children one through five.  We focus on an innovative approach of positive experiences for early learning accomplishments with a mapped out journey that leads to VPK success.  We are proud to say we have one of the top rated VPK programs in Volusia County.


We have a team of well-qualified teachers to provide the best care and learning experiences for your child.  They have been dedicated to teaching at SHP for a number of years; this gives your child the opportunity to build a learning relationship as well as a close bond with them.  They offer over 50 years of experience and are all certified by DCF, a Child Development Associates or an A.S. in Early Childhood Education.  Our staff is certified with National Heart Saver CPR and First Aid. 


A strong early learning foundation leads to success later years.  We are honored that you trust our preschool to work with your family to create this stepping stone.


 Pack your bags ……. Let the journey begin!


Monday - Friday
7am to 5:30pm

We ask that each student arrives by 9:00am. It is very important to follow this rule as late arrivals may interrupt our morning classes. Students that have not made arrangement prior to the late arrival will not be admitted that day.

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