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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Early Childhood Curriculum


Our Early Childhood Curriculum Program is designed to develop your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.

We have established an effective educational program in an integrated monthly approach.  Our school year starts in September and ends in May.  


Specific concepts for each month are implanted with activities to teach your child in the following areas:  fine motor, art, perception, gross motor, pre math, sensory experiences, songs and finger plays, dramatic play and children’s literature.  The monthly curriculum will capitalize on your child’s natural interest in the seasons and holidays and build upon the concepts and skills learned in prior months.


Through this monthly unit approach, we have a greater flexibility providing sufficient experiences to introduce and expand important concepts  while meeting the varying needs and abilities of your child in the classroom.


We encourage parents to participate in the development of their child and early childhood program.  We are providing these monthly concepts to extend the learning experiences at home.


A child’s development and achievement is enhanced when parents and teachers work together.  Let’s optimize your child’s learning experience at Sunshine House Preschool.


                                                     TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

​1-2 Year Old Preschool Class


The enrollment fee is $45.00

The weekly rate for a 1 year old child is $160.00

The weekly rate for a 2 year old child is $155.00


3-5 Year Old Preschool Class



The enrollment fee is $45.00

The weekly rate for a 3-5 year old children is $150.00

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